CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — Cary police have released new 911 calls describing details of the pilot who exited an aircraft mid-flight in the Triangle on July 29.

“We’re being advised that a small plane inbound for RDU (Raleigh-Durham International Airport) had a co-pilot jump without a parachute,” a Cary 911 dispatcher is heard saying in a call. “RDU has confirmed that someone has jumped from the plane at this time. Would you like us to get a police department drone en route as well?”

CBS 17 previously reported that 23-year-old Charles Crooks was found in a Fuquay-Varina backyard.

The new 911 calls detail the description of Crooks, in addition to describing the moments when he exited the plane. The five total calls also provided additional details regarding the search.

“What would you like us to do? Just start searching the woods in the backside of the middle school?” the dispatcher asked.

The 911 calls detail how police were able to obtain Crooks’ cell phone number and conduct a “ping” in order to track his location.

“We have conducted a cell phone ping of the jumper’s phone and it is tracking to the airport at this time,” the dispatcher said. “We took a call from the FAA, um, they said that they played the radio traffic back and coordinated with the location the plane was at. When the pilot called in the jumper, they were in the area of James Slaughter Road, he said there was a large farm field in that area…I have the flight path on when the subject jumped.”

The person calling from RDU can be heard describing Crooks.

“I have the description of the person. It’s a 27-year-old white male. He’s five-foot-ten with black hair, black shirt and tan shorts.”

At the time of the call, the airport did not know the co-pilot’s name.

Several minutes passed before Fuquay-Varina officials arrived at the scene where Crooks’ body was found.

“I’ve got [these vehicles] responding to Copain Cove for the body recovery. I’ve got Fuquay battalion one who’s going to give you a report of what he’s got on the scene.”

Officials also revealed that the person in Fuquay-Varina who called 911 gave officials the description of Crooks.

“Have you got Fuquay-Varina Police Department on call to describe how they received the call,” one person asked.

“Yes, information was given by the subject that lives in the neighborhood.”

To listen to any of the 911 calls, they are available here:

Call No. 1;
Call No. 2;
Call No. 3;
Call No. 4;
Call No. 5;
Call No. 6.