CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — An Atlanta-area police department has released several sets of body camera footage from their officers’ discovery of the abandoned vehicles allegedly left from the Charlotte couple wanted for the alleged abuse of their four-month-old child.   

The vehicle of Brandon Augustine and Mildred Chestnut was discovered in the woods next to Lawrence Motel Park in Austell, Georgia, on March 19. 

A maintenance worker told authorities he saw the vehicle parked that Sunday night, and authorities responded.

They were called back out again on March 21, when it became known that the vehicle was connected to the Augustine-Milstead case. Both parents are facing felony charges for intentional child abuse inflicting serious injury. 

Body camera footage showed that officers found that the keys to the vehicle had been left at the site, along with multiple bags of clothes and cellphone chargers. Officers advised that they did not find a note left behind by either individual.   

At the time, CMPD officers were treating the case as a missing-person situation but had begun to explore the possibility that the couple could have been connected to the injuries to their child, which doctors believed were linked to someone shaking the child. 

CMPD authorities have said they have no new details in this case as of April 25. They believe the couple is getting help from friends.

The couple was last seen on March 18 in their visit to Atrium Health-Main. Their baby boy suffered life-threatening and life-altering injuries, CMPD said.