GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — One of MrBeast’s most viewed videos involves something many people enjoy: Eating dessert.

It wasn’t just any dessert though, it was the most expensive dessert he could find. The first one was a bowl full of golden ice cream, each scoop cost over $100.

There is chocolate from South America and strawberries picked straight from Japan. They put these in a ridiculously expensive 99-year-old Grape Juice. How much was the juice? Watch the video to find out.

A spoon full of their huckleberry sauce was about $50, and after the amount that was put on, the sauce alone was $2,000. It also contained butterscotch that contained 50-year-old Apple Juice. This juice is extremely expensive, equating to $45,000.

This dessert was six figures when it was topped off. Watch the video to see if you’re as surprised by it as we were.

Next, he had a $1,000 chocolate bar that contained real golden flakes. The most expensive was the Banana Foster, coming out to an astounding $30,000.

After he was served one of the meals, he gave the waiter a $10,000 tip. Seems like MrBeast fashion.

After some expensive steak, cheese balls, cake, chicken wings, Ecuadorian chocolate and mac and cheese, let’s just say he spent an insane amount of money on what looked like some really good food.

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