AURORA, N.C. (WNCT) — The Aurora Fossil Museum has a number of incredible finds housed at its facility, including those famous shark teeth. So you can imagine their surprise when they were told about something quite uncommon that was found in the area.

Aurora is home to the Aurora Fossil Museum, which assists in the teaching of geology, fossils and the history they hold. Recently, a couple came in with questions about a recent fossil find while hunting in the Neuse River.

It was examined by Dr. George M. Oliver Jr. and Cynthia Crane, a paleontologist and the executive director of the museum. They identified the object as part of a fossilized walrus tusk that was somewhere between 10,000 years and a million years old.

The couple, who is from the Raleigh area but wished not to be identified, said they found the artifact in the Minnesott Beach area of the Neuse River. It is currently still in their possession.

Oliver said it’s not uncommon to find fossils of walruses, which once populated this part of the state. They even have a walrus fossil that was donated to them which was found in the Oregon Inlet area. He also said they are contacted all the time by people who have found artifacts they hope the museum can help identify.

In the above video, Oliver goes into detail about the fossil and the local history involving the walrus. Crane speaks about what the museum has to offer, the on-location dig site for fossils and much more.