CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A Mecklenburg County magistrate has issued three arrest warrants for a man accused of threatening his Lyft Driver back in December.

On December 28, 2021, Majidah Hector picked up two Lyft passengers at Uptown Cabaret in Charlotte.

“The Lyft app notifies you to…have your mask. I sent a text before I pulled up, just a friendly reminder, ‘Lyft requires a mask.’ Ok, two notifications.”

When the couple entered her car, she said she once again reminded the man about Lyft’s mask policy.   

“I said sir, sir I am just following the rules,” Lyft driver Majidah Hector said.

She says the conversation about him putting a mask on got heated. At one point she said he threatened to hit her.

When she dropped the man back off at his pick-up location, he continued to call 50 times. In the morning, Hector said she woke up to three voicemails.

“Hey, you stupid *bleep*.  I hope you rot in hell and vote for Biden again, you stupid *bleep*. Burn in hell.  And I hope they hang you from a *bleep* tree your stupid *bleep*. *bleep* you *bleep* *bleep* you. You *bleep*” the man said in the voicemail to Hector.

Hector played the voicemails Friday for a Mecklenburg County magistrate and testified against the man.

“This guy deserved to be in jail. Nobody deserves this,” Hector said.

That same day, the county issued three warrants for his arrest for harassing phone calls, communicating threats and ethnic intimidation.

“I’ve actually never had a client who has been charged with this. I’ve never heard of another attorney having someone charged with this crime,” Charlotte attorney Timothy Pavone said.

He said ethnic intimidation is a class one misdemeanor and if found guilty, could be punishable by up to 120 days in jail.

“Anything about race or religion, and he or she didn’t actually have to do anything. Just the threat, you are going to be found guilty under the statute or at least charged,” Pavone said.

“I am just traumatized. I didn’t think that people are still out here to experience it, you know, someone who has these types of thoughts towards another human being. It’s scary,” Hector said.