ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A current and former Alamance County inmate have filed federal complaints against the Alamance County Detention Center, claiming the staff beat them until they needed to be hospitalized, the Burlington Times-News reports.

One inmate says in a complaint that four guards broke his ribs in an attack with a taser and left him with cuts on his face, elbow, wrists, knees, chin and chest since he was handcuffed and shackled at the time and dragged 200 feet.

Doctors at the Alamance Regional Medical Center applied medical glue to his wounds when he says he was taken there for X-rays.

The second man, 42-year-old Robert Charles Anthony King, is currently in the Alamance County jail after being charged with a first-degree sexual offense with a victim younger than 13 and taking indecent liberties with children.

King says guards threw photos of his family in a trash can while searching his cell, and a maintenance worker hit him when he went to get the photos out of the trash. He believes he was attacked in retaliation since he made a complaint against an officer.

His hand, knee, leg and foot were injured, and he was taken to the hospital for an MRI on April 14 and then again on May 9 for surgery. He was taken to the Central Prison Hospital to recover.

The sheriff’s office did not comment on the two inmate’s complaints.