RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A backyard breeder was shut down after 47 golden doodles and retrievers were living in unsanitary conditions, according to a Raleigh non-profit.

According to the Raleigh non-profit Freedom Ride Rescue, the doodles and retrievers lived outside in cages with feces with very little human contact.

Freedom Ride Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue service specializing in foster homes that rehabilitates dogs until they are adopted.

The doodles “are forced to breed over and over and their puppies are then sold for thousands of dollars.” Freedom Ride Rescue called the breeding “a dirty, unethical and inhumane business.”

Freedom Ride Rescue said it will take several months for the dogs to be adopted due to the conditions they were found in. They also said all of the dogs were fostered, but other breeds are available.

“Please consider donating to the rescues and shelters that help save the lives of countless animals found as strays, surrendered by owners, or pulled from horrific situations like these doodles,” said the non-profit in a social media post.

If you would like to foster a dog, email jennifer@freedom-ride.org. Donations can also be made here.