CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A family is in mourning after losing a 21-year-old in a shooting outside a north Charlotte restaurant. Many who work and live around Northlake Commons are upset with how senseless the shooting was.

“He was very innocent and unaware of the bad things that could happen in life,” Donye Cosby said.

Cosby said it was his 21-year-old brother, Jamielle, who died after someone shot him outside Fox & Hound Tuesday night, where he worked as a cook.

“A person was asked to leave,” he said, “and that person didn’t want to leave, and my brother was asked to escort him out,” he continued. “While he was escorting the person out, the person shot my brother.”

“The shooter was, I guess, the person who didn’t want to pay their tab. The card got declined,” said Toan Tran, owner of Mr. Crab Seafood Boil.

Video obtained by Queen City News shows someone chasing another person outside the restaurant before someone fired a gun. Others in the same area turn around to get away from the scene. Then, the video captures more shots being fired.

One person’s reaction to what just transpired says it all.

“I still can’t believe it,” Cosby said. “I was just yelling at him about how to drive the car and turn the wheel.”

Cosby said his brother had just signed a lease to move out of his mom’s home and live independently. Cosby was teaching him how to drive, and now all that’s been ripped from this family.

“There are more things to come,” he said. “I hope I never do feel anything as heartbreaking and gut-wrenching as this.”

The senseless shooting has other business owners concerned for their safety.

“Fear,” Tran said. “That’s the first thing that comes to my mind is fear, you know. What happened yesterday? I came home to my wife; I had my son there. It’s a family thing,” he continued, “and, plus, I think about my employees and all that. It can happen anywhere.”

Some would say crimes are happening more frequently in Northlake Commons shopping center. CMPD crime mapping shows three assaults in the past week in addition to this homicide.

“Dine and ditch happen a lot here,” Tran said. “Even for our businesses, it’s happened a lot lately, and that’s an issue that that’s how you die over stuff like that. It’s dumb.”

Queen City News reached out to CMPD for more information about this crime but only received an automated response back. The original news release made no mention of a suspect.