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MARION, N.C. – A North Carolina Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy may be out of a job because of new company requirements.

The McDowell News reported that Jay Melton has greeted Walmart shoppers in Marion for more than 15 years.

Melton was recently informed that to keep his job, he must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift at least 25 pounds.

The new rules go into effect in April. The responsibilities are things he cannot do due to cerebral palsy.

“He has EARNED this job. Do not let it be taken away from him,” his niece, Keely Melton, posted to Facebook. “Please take a minute and pray for my family, especially Jay. Also, take a minute and pray for Walmart because Lord knows they’re going to need it after this.”

Keely Melton said Walmart’s new policy will impact thousands of other greeters.

The Walmart job of greeter is being transitioned into a role of a “customer host” that requires workers to help with returns, check receipts and keep the store clean.

“We recognize this is a unique situation and it will take time to explore possible solutions,” a Walmart spokesperson said, in a statement, in part, to the McDowell News. “As we phase the greeter role out of this store over a 60-day period, our store management and local human resource teams will be available to Jay as we explore every available option to him. We will be thoughtful during the process.”