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WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT)- 9 On Your Side’s Angie Quezada introduces us to a man who rushed to help neighbors, who are like family during that tornado that hit early Tuesday Morning.

“I though everyone was dead, until we started searching and found everybody,” says Uncle Mike.

He’s known as “Uncle Mike” and early Tuesday, winds blasted through his window on Morning Road, shattering glass and tossing debris. Uncle Mike didn’t hide, he ran, to help his neighbors.

“I seen my next door neighbor walking down the path and he was running and shining his flashlight,” explained Uncle Mike.

He learned his cousin was missing.

“She got thrown to the next trailer,” says Uncle Mike.

One search, then another, Uncle Mike fought the elements. Uncle Mike kept searching as First responders picked their way into the park.

“I thank the Lord for everybody and I told him thank you for letting me live and for letting me find people that were thrown in ditches and all that, and in the field,” expressed Uncle Mike.