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RALEIGH, N.C. — A measure that lets people carry concealed firearms in more places and repeals a requirement to get a license to buy a handgun tentatively passed the North Carolina Senate Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

The Senate version broadens the scope of a bill that already passed the House. Democrats say the measure encourages more gun violence. Republican counter that the bill protects responsible gun owners from criminals.

The Senate’s changes allow concealed-carry permit holders to store weapons in locked cars on the campus of any public university or school. It also clarifies state law to say permit holders can carry their firearms on trails, other passive recreation areas and playgrounds.

The bill keeps the House provision allowing concealed-carry permit holders to take weapons to places where alcohol is served or events that charge admission as long as an owner doesn’t expressly forbid it. However,  the Senate’s changes also add parades and funeral processions to the places people can take concealed weapons legally.

People would also be able to  buy handguns without first obtaining a license from a county sheriff. Records of concealed-carry permits issued and weapons sales would also not be open to the public.

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