North Carolina man’s kitchen oven door explodes; glass shatters

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CARY, N.C. — A North Carolina man wants answers after his kitchen oven door exploded, causing glass to shatter everywhere.

WTVD reported that the glass inside Cary resident Steve Geringer’s oven exploded the day after Christmas, causing him to run from his kitchen.

The outside window of his Kitchen Aid Oven was still intact, but inside there was shattered glass everywhere. It happened while the self-cleaning cycle was running. Fortunately, nothing else happened, but Geringer was still concerned.

Whirlpool manufactures the Kitchen Aid brand and replaced Geringer’s stove. The company released the following statement:

“Whirlpool uses tempered glass in its oven doors. Tempered glass is strong and heat resistant and gets its strength from a tempering process during which the glass is heated to extremely high temperatures and then cool quickly. Tempered glass is used because it is stronger and less likely to break, but also because when it does break, it “shatters” into small pieces with less potential for causing harm. If tempered glass is damaged from an impact, it is possible that the impact was strong enough to leave a microscopic surface fracture, however not severe enough to break the glass at the time of impact. Many times this type of fracture is not apparent or visible. The surface fracture can continue to grow slowly over time and then when the fracture which originated on the outer surface of the glass panel, (which is in compression) reaches the inner layer of the glass panel (which is in tension) the result produces the crumbling or shattering of the glass panel. This shattering can happen long after the initial impact that caused the surface fracture.”

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