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HOPE MILLS, N.C. — A North Carolina man was arrested after a dog he tethered to a tree in his backyard froze to death, WTVD reports.

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, deputies responded to a burglar alarm at a home in Hope Mills in January. Deputies went to the back of the house and noticed three dogs were tethered to a tree, one of which was frozen to death.

Alexander Grose, 27, has been charged with animal cruelty.

Officials with the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society say this type of crime happens more than most think. If owners have to leave their dog outside, officials suggest an igloo doghouse.

“Especially with hay or straw or a blanket of some kind. Something that will trap their body heat and keep it inside,” said Kristen Moore with the Animal Protection Society. “Think about it this way. If you are outside in cold temperatures, a blanket wouldn’t do much. Ideally, they belong inside the family.”