GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A chilly and misty Halloween didn’t stop kids and their parents from hitting the streets in their fun costumes and looking for the best tricks and treats.  

One Greensboro street transformed into trick-or-treating central and thanks to the efforts of one mom, the roads are blocked off to keep kids safe. 

Madison Avenue is a Halloween hot spot.  

“It’s so lovely. This is just one of the events they do to bring the community together,” said Sarah Browning, a neighborhood organizer 

Browning isn’t giving herself enough credit. She’s the mom behind the magic.  

“I think this is my fourth year doing this, and it gets easier every year,” she said. 

Her daughter Allyssa gets to invite all of her friends over for a Halloween hangout.  

“I love that she likes to do this because it’s really nice,” Allyssa said.  

She says she’s proud of her parents for working so hard to have a safe holiday.  

“We have a lot of little kids in the neighborhood, and it’s nice they don’t have to worry about a car zooming in the neighborhood,” Allyssa said. 

The barricades are set up all along the side streets.  

“I just got done putting up the barricades with a group of guys,” said Mike Browning, dressed as a puffy panda on Tuesday night.  

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When the crowds came running with their trick-or-treat bags, all they had to worry about were skeletons, which is something parents are grateful for.  

“It’s so nice they can just run around. We know they are going to be safe, and we’re glad we have the opportunity to do that,” said Taylor Logan, a mom dressed as Barbie. 

For every trick-or-treater, it really all comes down to the candy as long as they say those magic words: Trick or treat!