North Carolina gospel singer wins $1 million Powerball prize

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LOWELL, N.C. — A Southern gospel singer from Lowell, North Carolina, is really singing now that he won the $1 million prize playing Powerball.

Lloyd Dockery swung by the Lowell Mini Mart on McAdvenville Road to get gas when he decided to take a chance, according to the NC Education Lottery.

“When I saw how much the jackpot was I almost bought two tickets,” Dockery said. “But then I figured, if I’m going to win, I only need one.”

The numbers were drawn Saturday, but he didn’t see the winning numbers until Monday when he saw in the newspaper that someone had won $1 million.

As he started comparing his ticket to the winning numbers, he began to realize his one-out-of-11.7-million fortune.

“When I saw that I got three of the numbers I thought, ‘Well, I hope I get the other two,’” Dockery said. “When I saw that I matched all five I shouted, ‘I’m a millionaire!’”

It took four times reading over the numbers to convince himself that he had really won.

“I had to make sure it was real,” Dockery said. “It still feels like I’m dreaming.”

On Tuesday, Dockery drove out to Raleigh to collect his winnings. After taxes, he pocketed $707,501.

He plans to give some of his winnings to his church, pay off his house and get a new guitar.

“I need to make sure I have a good guitar if I’m going to keep singing,” Dockery said. “I go to retirement homes and perform Johnny Cash. Everybody loves Johnny Cash.”

As big as Dockery’s win was, it still was not the jackpot. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing has $750 million — or $465.5 million in cash — on the line.

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