North Carolina A&T students worried about white van at off-campus apartments

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – A misunderstanding near North Carolina A&T State University caused a lot of concern amongst students.

A video of a suspicious white van at an off-campus housing complex was viewed thousands of times on twitter.

Other posts warning students about the van at different complexes were also shared hundreds of times.

“There was like 200-300 retweets,” said Kayla Riley, a concerned renter. “It was is going around quick.”

“It’s crazy,” said Elijah Johnson, another renter. “It just had the whole neighborhood alerted everyone was scared to go out.”

On Monday, FOX8 learned the van was there to protect students.

A notice was sent to people living at Collegiate Commons notifying renters the van belongs to a security company. At least two other complexes in the area use the same service.

“Why would the security guards do that…that’s so stupid,” Riley said. “Why are you in an unmarked van like that. That’s scary?”

“I’m glad it wasn’t innocent civilians getting snatched up for no reason sold into whatever this crazy world.” Johnson said.

After the panic, an employee at Collegiate Commons told FOX8 the security company will no longer use the van.

The university police department tweeted out about the situation Monday evening. It encouraged students to always come forward if they see something suspicious.

UP​D and Student Affairs will be hosting a Campus Safety forum on Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will be in room 385 at the Student Center,

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