‘No justice, no peace’: Protestors from all across Winston-Salem demonstrate together


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Monday evening protesters peacefully marched through downtown Winston-Salem. 

Friends, neighbors and families filled this park before hitting the streets. They held their signs high, chanting ‘No justice, no peace’ and George Floyd’s name across the city. 

“We can see it now. There’s no avoiding it. As soon as you go online, as soon as you turn on the news channel, it’s everywhere. You can’t get away from it, and that’s a good thing. People need to see it. People need to understand that this is happening, and this is a reality for people in America. Human beings are being treated this way, just for the color of their skin,” said Edie Joines, a Winston-Salem protester. 

Overnight community activists from different corners of the city worked together to put on a unified and representative demonstration. 

“Every voice matter. Every voice matters whether it’s petite to a massive crowd. Every voice matters. The fact that we got westside, eastside, southside, northside, everybody out here, that means a lot,” said Fashad Morrison, a Winston-Salem protester.

Protesters marched in memory of George Floyd, and all those who came before him. 

“We can’t just be together here, we got to be here every day. There are killings going on every day in our city, and it don’t have anything to do with police brutality. I’m a fighter of violence everywhere. I’m a fighter of violence period,” said Frankie Gist, a Winston-Salem protester.

Community activists said it was important to show your message can be loud if you are peaceful. 

“This is something right here that the world needed to see. I feel like the world needs to see this because if you think about it Winston-Salem is the only city that did not riot or have any falling outs with the police department,” said Gist. 

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