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Beaverton, OR — For anyone that has ever looked at a pizza and thought, “Wow, I think that would look great wrapped around my feet,” Nike has the shoe for you.

The Beaverton area-based shoe giant will soon be releasing a pepperoni pizza edition of the Nike SB Janoski, which will be wrapped in a pizza print and feature “red marinara” lining, according to the site High Snobiety.

This is not the company’s first combination between footwear and flatbread. Shoppers can order the Nike SB “Cold Pizza” style online, which includes an insole that looks like the top of a pizza and an exterior that looks like foil.

For shoe fans that are looking for breakfast options, Nike also offers a “Chicken and Waffle” high top that was launched earlier this spring.

Nike also recently released custom-designed kicks for Krispy Kreme, while shoe retailer Premier offered Starbucks-themed Nikes.