'Night Watch' patrols the streets of Winston-Salem helping those in need

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Have you ever wished there were superheroes walking among us? Well if you find yourself in downtown Winston-Salem they are very real.

A masked vigilante who goes by the name Night Watch is fighting crime and helping the homeless.

For the last month, he's been patrolling the streets as a protector of the people.

The real-life superhero is dressed in all black, face partially covered, sporting a pair of reflective goggles.

"It's not so much that I'm excited that people are recognizing me, it's just nice that people aren't totally freaked out like they were before. Now they know who I am and that I'm trying to help," Night Watch said.

Night Watch also says he is more than a costumed crime-fighter.

"I'm not looking to be a Batman and go around beating up criminals. That's not what I do, but you know if I'm going around trying to help people and I come across a situation where someone seems like they're in trouble I'm going to step in," Night Watch said.

His real superpower is helping people in need. That's why he totes around a bag filled with toiletries, food and clothing -- all supplied through an anonymous donor who joined the cause.

"What I always tell people is there is no prerequisite for being a good person. We can all do it. It's just the degree to which we can help out," Night Watch said.

During Wednesday night's patrol, he helped close to a dozen people in the homeless community.

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