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RALEIGH, N.C. — He’s loud. He’s outspoken. He’s authoritative. He works hard to be fair, relevant and accurate. He’s also one of the leading independent experts on the Atlantic Coast Conference when it comes to practically any sport but especially football and basketball.

David Glenn is also at the helm of the largest and most successful sports radio show in North Carolina history! For three hours every weekday, thousands of people statewide — via Glenn’s syndicated show on more than 20 AM and FM signals — tap into his knowledge base.

Glenn has been a fixture of sports talk radio in the Triangle area since the early 2000s. His “The David Glenn Show” has been broadcast across the state for the last five years or so. But despite this success, Glenn will be the first to tell you he’s not a professionally-trained broadcaster.

“Life is funny because if you asked me in my mid-20s whether I dreamed of being a sports radio host, had a goal of being a sports radio host, the answer would be no, no, no,” he told me when I visited him in his Raleigh studio recently.

1994 marked a turning point in Glenn’s life. He graduated law school and became the founding editor of the ACC Sports Journal and its online version

He practiced law and ran the publications/website for 17 years while — at the same time — being a frequent contributor to sports talk radio shows in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

“Over a period of years one of the stations that had me on as a guest most-frequently asked me if I ever thought of being a host myself and the honest answer was no,” he said.

But one thing led to another and now he’s churning out live radio content 15 hours every week while still contributing to the publications and website he founded.

“We’re more informational than pure morning zoo goofy entertainment,” he said. “I try to do a sports radio show in the same way I would talk to my buddies about sports. I [also] save my strongest opinions for the topics I know the most about.”

Here are some of Glenn’s takes on a few big issues involving ACC basketball:


“The culture of the ACC has been watered down. I understand why the ACC expanded. But there is a downside to most good decisions in life. The ACC getting bigger did provide financial security and more TV money and a lot of other positive things. But there are very few fans who truly know all 15 ACC basketball programs and even a relatively smaller number who can name all 15 ACC basketball coaches.”


“Those who hate Carolina are going to be mad because the penalties are not large enough. They’re not going to be anything close to the SMU death penalty. I’m going to do a month’s worth of sports radio where Carolina fans mostly say it’s too harsh and the ABC (Anybody But Carolina) fans are overwhelmingly going to be saying the NCAA didn’t hit them harder than that.”


“Roy’s line is as long as his health is good and vertigo’s fine, (he’s been dealing with that for 20 years) he believes he has six to 10 more years in him. And I believe him. The man who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina is a fighter.”


“There are only a couple of schools in college basketball history that have more NCAA titles than Mike Krzyzewski has personally. That’s how good he’s made Duke basketball.”


“It’s not irrational to say Duke and Carolina will have coaching changes within the next five years or so. And if you’re NC State, you need to have the program rolling.  You have to have the right head coach because timing is everything. That is your chance to maintain momentum while the guys down the road are coming off multiple decades of success but having to go through transitions of their own.”

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