Mission Greensboro founders Dr. Steve Lucey, Rev. Wayne Robinson discuss current racial tensions


The last two weeks have produced a wide range of emotions for Rev. Wayne Robinson and Dr. Steve Lucey. I spoke with both of them virtually this week.

“I would say (it’s been) mostly discouraging because it’s an opportunity for us as a country to really deal with some of the dark paths that we have,” Lucey said. “But it’s (also) been encouraging to see people doing things peacefully, respecting one another.”

“You’ve got anger. You’ve got people who have angst with people who really are discouraged,” said Robinson. “Some are encouraged.”

Robinson is the senior paster of the New Millennium Christian Center in Greensboro. He was also a basketball star at Greensboro Day and Virginia Tech. He also played professionally.

Lucey is an orthopedic surgeon who’s practiced in Greensboro more than 20 years.

I met both in late 2017. Race relations had again been in the news. And these two friends had formed the nonprofit, Mission Greensboro, a few years earlier after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Here’s the Newsmaker piece I produced on them: Dr. Steve Lucey, Rev. Wayne Robinson launch Mission Greensboro to improve race relations

Mission Greensboro consists of black men and white men (it’s actually open to all races) who concentrate on improving race relations through friendly relationships fostered by frequent prayer meetings and social gatherings.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and the unrest that followed, Mission Greensboro has organized prayer vigils and peaceful gatherings in downtown Greensboro.

“We’re galvanizing energy to come together for one purpose,” Robinson said. “And that is to pray and to lift our petitions to God about what it is about, what’s most disconcerting about the situation we’re in right now. The heart changes when we lift our petitions to God.”

Like they told me nearly three years ago, good race relations are closely tied to good relationships. And these relationships are just as important now as they’ve ever been.

“The key is intentionality,” Lucey said. “(It’s) really just coming with an open heart, wanting to be in a relationship and exchanging information at our events where men just meet each other and then shooting a text, an email, a phone call and getting together to know one another.”

“So if we can spend more time listening and really focusing on what is truth versus evil, I believe God will give us the answers, and we have to own it and move forward,” said Robinson.

For more information on Mission Greensboro, click here.

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