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CHESTERFIELD, S.C. — Authorities are investigating after a newborn baby girl was mysteriously found in a bathroom stall near the North Carolina, South Carolina line.

WSOC reported that the newborn was found Tuesday in a bathroom stall at the Chesterfield County Health Department in Chesterfield, S.C.

The two or three-day-old child did not appear to have been born at a medical facility due to the condition of the belly button and lack of a heel stick test.

“We have been searching for the baby girl’s mother, father or someone who may have information about this child,” said Eric R. Hewett, Chesterfield Chief of Police.  “While this does not appear to qualify under Daniel’s Law for lawful surrender of the baby, we do want to find the child’s parents or anyone who has knowledge about this little girl.  I encourage anyone who has information about this matter to contact us at (843) 623-2419.”