DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — People who live and work along NC 109 in Davidson County hope a new traffic light can help save lives in the future after five people died this year.

It’s at the intersection of NC 109 and Clarksbury Church Road, right off NC 64. It became operational Thursday morning.

Driving from Denton to Thomasville, it’s hard to miss the more than 10 memorials along NC 109.

Each marks the spot where a life was lost in a crash.

“It’s alarming and concerning because I don’t know if it could be my family members,” Joshua Heath said.

Heath has traveled the stretch of road for two decades going to work. He knows just how dangerous the road can be.

“In the past years, I’ve seen multiple crashes…people just pulling out ignoring left-hand turns, trying to beat the traffic,” Heath said.

He noticed the lights at the intersection of NC 109 and Clarksbury Church Road are finally on now.

“Without a traffic light there, it has been dangerous. They’ve needed it for years,” he said.

“If it makes it safer that’ll be a good thing,” Michael Chaeterton said.

Chaeteron saw some other improvements over the last few months.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation installed rumble strips on the outside lines and center lines to alert drivers who drift.

They knew more had to be done.

“Sometimes people get over-excited, and they want to drive so fast, so you have to be really careful and watch out for the other guy,’ Chaeteron said.

He’s ready to see the results of the improvements

“If it works, it’s good. If not…try something better,” he said.

“I think this will definitely be the fix we have been waiting for. Hopefully, time will tell,” Heath said.

On the same day, a fundraiser was held by the Silver Valley Fire Department at the Subway near Skippers Seafood in Thomasville.

It was to honor Brian Reeder, who is a firefighter who survived a crash that claimed the lives of a mother and her two children.

That family also benefited from the fundraiser.