New theater in Greensboro offers leather seats, waiters and full menu

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new theater in Greensboro is home to leather seats, waiters and a full menu.

Oh, and the latest movie releases too.

The GrandLuxe Theatre is an extension of the Grand Theater at Four Seasons. The 21 and up theater features six screens, leather seats, call buttons for waiters, and full gourmet menu and wine and beer menu.

“It’s almost like flying first-class,” said consulting chef, Adolfo Garcia. “You go in and say, ‘Well I’m going to get a bigger seat.’ No, it’s a whole experience.”

Garcia is in Greensboro to help launch the Triad site, but he runs four other restaurants in New Orleans where the Grand’s Southern Theatres, LLC is based.

The menu, tailored to Carolina tastes, features grilled duck, shrimp and grits, speciality popcorn and variety of wines and beer among many seasonal choices. Nothing on the menu is over $15, and the ingredients used to cook come from local merchants.

“That’s where we win and that”s where we feel like we made a home run, when people just leave here and say, ‘Wow, this is great.'”

Triad entreprenuer Joe Cahoon, is the general manager of the new theater.

“I think times are changing,” said Cahoon. “With everyone having 72 inch screens at home and high definiteion, and 3-D…you have to give people another reason to come out.”

The GrandLuxe sticks to a strict age limit, carding patrons at the door before they reserve seats on an airline-like digital seating chart. Cahoon said it’s a welcome retreat for parents who peek in from the main Grand theater connection.

“They see a glass of wine, no kids….I see a babysitter in their future,” he laughed.

Across town, the Geeksboro Coffehouse Cinema is planning it’s grand opening for November 16th.
“Our tagline is you belong here, and that’s really how we feel,” said general manager, Sam Froelich, a local filmmaker known for his 2000s feature, Cabin Fever.

Geeksboro is located in the old Advanced Computers store. The space is split into a coffee house, gaming rooms, and a 40-seat theater downstairs where independent films, documentaries and classic tv shows will play throughout the day. Froelich and Geeksboro brainchild, Joe Scott, wanted the coffeehouse cinema to engage folks who normally connect online. It’s the “outernet” as they call it.

“It’s where the creative class can come together to celebrate what has fallen under sort of the “geek terms,” whether it’s comic books or movies or TVs or gaming,” said Froelich.

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