New roundabout could help with traffic around Cotswold and Old Battleground in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — FOX8 viewers have shared their frustration and concerns about traffic congesting areas around Battleground Avenue, Old Battleground Avenue and Cotswold Avenue.

But a major cut-through, in the form of a roundabout, could be a way to alleviate some of those issues. The plan would allow easier access to the Battle Forest neighborhoods and the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

By reopening Cotswold Terrace, and building a roundabout at that intersection with Old Battleground Avenue, the goal is to redirect traffic away from the main road.

But some people living around there say they think it will just make things worse.

“It wouldn’t be a quiet little neighborhood anymore. Lots of traffic coming through,” Lance Albritton said.

The quiet little enclave where Albritton lives, off of Cotswold Terrace, is getting ready to face some changes.

In two months, construction is expected to start on the full-access roundabout.

“Safety and traffic. There’s going to be a lot more cars coming through here. When it was open before, they were moving at high speeds and we had a bunch of narrow misses with people,” Albritton said.

It’s supposed to be a way to ease traffic. But Albritton is worried things will revert back to how they used to be when the road was open.

“It would take you 10 minutes just to get out of the neighborhood,” he said.

That was just the start of the problems.

“People would come through here and it would be backed up,” he said. “Traffic would be backed up all the way down this corner to the first entrance, just waiting to get out.”

Craig McKinney, the transportation planner for the City of Greensboro, says the $750,000 roundabout is a must.

“This would provide [drivers] a more direct route,” he said.

He believes people should not be concerned.

“Roundabouts tend to be a method of calming traffic, going through,” McKinney said. “We’re going to be seeing more and more roundabouts, because they better manage traffic than traffic signals.”

The Greensboro City Council will decide if this roundabout will go through on March 19.

If it does, construction will start in May.

FOX8 is told there is still time for people to voice their concerns to the city council.

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