New mother rescues semi-truck driver from tanker explosion


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — We already know being a new mother is hard.

Just imagine risking your life in a tanker explosion less than a week after giving birth.

That’s what a new mom did in Indianapolis, WXIN reports.

“We see a plume of smoke. Huge smoke. It looked like a warehouse was on fire,” Holly McNally said.

A massive fire shutting down two interstates could be seen from miles away, but McNally had a much closer view

“I slowed down, and I saw the actual semi on fire. And then I look to the front of the semi, and I see a man on fire,” McNally said.

She was on her way home with her mom when she saw the truck driver right after he crashed into the barrier.

“And I’m scanning, and people are videotaping and watching, but no one was going over there,” McNally said. “So I told my mom I’m stopping. I’m going over there.”

McNally and another man both ran to the driver and quickly put out the fire on him before realizing the worst was yet to come

“We got him out, and we start to walk away. And I see this huge stream of liquid, and I could smell it. I said, ‘what were you hauling?’ And he said jet fuel. And I was like ‘oh my gosh,'” McNally said.

Her shoes now soaked in jet fuel, McNally and the other man knew they had to move quick, especially knowing who was waiting for them at home.

“We’re trying to carry him down, and it’s getting closer and closer. And the second explosion went off. And like smoke was hitting us, and I was just praying like ‘God, please let us get out of here so I can see my baby,'” McNally said.

Four days ago, McNally gave birth to a son named Connor. He’s still in the NICU at St. Vincent where McNally had just been minutes before pulling up to the fire.

“I thought ‘what if that’s my son? What if that’s Connor when he’s 30.’ Would you want somebody to just leave him there?” McNally said.

Luckily, the three of them made it before the fire spread.

She hopes her story of selflessness might encourage others to do the same.

“My mom was like ‘I can’t believe you didn’t just run away’ and I’m like ‘I’m not gonna leave somebody.’ I wish everybody was like that you know? I mean everybody should help everybody,” McNally said.

The 59-year-old truck driver is in the hospital in critical condition.

State police believe speed contributed to the crash.

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