New bike lanes in northwest Greensboro frustrate some drivers


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Bike lanes are paved to make roads safer. The City of Greensboro is currently testing them on Spring Garden Street. Permanent lanes in the northwest part of the city along Lawndale Drive and Lake Brandt Road are upsetting some drivers.

The road was resurfaced about three weeks ago. There used to be four lanes, two in each direction, but when the lines were re-painted, the city divided those four lanes in half. Now there’s one in each direction and a bike lane on both sides.

“It causes a lot of problems. Especially in the morning and the afternoon during rush hour,” Jim Gwynn said.

His neighbor Charles Bontempo agrees.

“You’ll be sitting there for 10 to 15 minutes or you’ve got to pray that someone says ‘oh I’ll let you through the cut,’” Bontempo said.

The new lanes are a nuisance for Jeff Hindson.

“It just makes it a bit more confusing,” Hindson said.

Congestion, frustration and confusion over something designed to make our roads safer.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me. The bike lane is literally 150 yards,” Bontempo said.

Bontempo and Gwynn want them gone.

“It’s extremely frustrating. There hasn’t been a problem in a long time so I don’t know why they did it,” Bontempo said.

Tom Gaillard says they should stay. Gaillard was struck by a driver while on his bike in downtown Greensboro a few years ago.

“That’s very near and dear to me that they put that bike lane in. Had it been there, I probably wouldn’t have gotten hit or broken my wrist,” Gaillard said.

Gaillard is an avid cyclist who appreciates the city adding more bike lanes and buffers to protect cyclists out on the road.

“I actually thanked all the workers there for putting that in,” Gaillard said.

Chris Spencer oversees engineering across the city. He understands the frustration with the added traffic.

“It will increase congestion there’s no doubt in that particular section,” Spencer said.

But told FOX8 it is all part of a bigger plan to create more bike and pedestrian paths.

“Sometimes it may not make sense if you’re looking at this little piece,” Spencer said.

His team is studying traffic patterns to see how to best extend the lane down Lake Brandt Road into Summerfield.

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