Neighbors upset after college party at Red Barn Event Centre in Randolph County gets out of hand

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A weekend party hosted at a Randolph County event center quickly got out of control.

The Red Barn Event Centre off of Randleman Road usually hosts weddings and the occasional private party. Last weekend, an A&T homecoming party quickly became too much for the owner and people in the neighborhood to handle after hundreds of people showed up.

Several neighbors were still picking up liquor bottles and party beads in their yards and around their businesses. Nothing was damaged but neighbors said Saturday’s party was out on control.

More than 20 calls from concerned neighbors came in to 911.

“There’s people parking in people’s yards. There’s thousands of people out here,” one 911 caller said.

“They filled the church parking lot right up beside my house,” another caller said.

“Can you guys get somebody to help off of Randleman Road at the Red Barn Event Centre and shut this place down please,” a third caller asked.

Event center owner Evren Nardali said the number of people who showed up was larger than expected.

Nardali said the space can safely accommodate 705 people. However, a couple thousand showed up and were turned away, causing traffic, with partygoers parking in people’s driveways and their front yards.

Kimberly Toler, who lives near the event center, watched the night unfold.

“Cars everywhere. You couldn’t get nowhere,” Toler recalled. “They had bus fulls coming in. They were dropping off people. Bus fulls.”

Chaos erupted after someone fired a gun, according to a Randolph County sheriff’s spokesperson.

“I called about an hour ago because there were people running through my driveway and running through my front yard. Now there’s cops everywhere. I just need to see if someone can get to my house. There’s gunshots and I don’t know what’s going on. There’s still people coming towards my house,” one worried 911 caller said.

Deputies were unable to find where the shots came from.

“This was very abnormal. This is not something that will happen again,” Nardali said.

Several neighbors said music blasted well past 1 a.m. There is a noise ordinance for the county that forbids loud music between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. No charges were filed.

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