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BROWNS SUMMIT, N.C. (WGHP) — Neighbors in the Browns Summit area say they have never thought police would be searching any homes on their street.

Wednesday evening, police were granted a search warrant for the home of Martin Cox Jr. in Browns Summit. 

Some of the items in the home seized were marijuana, a biker vest and ammunition.

Mary Keesee Mitchell has lived on the same street for about 13 years. She said, for as long as Cox lived in the area, she never would have thought he would be in any type of trouble.

“I was dumfounded. Unbelievable, because he was a down-to-earth guy. My son played ball with his son right here with our goal,” said Mitchell.

Other people that knew Cox for years said they never heard him raise his voice. They were shocked Monday to hear the news of the killings.

“Honestly, it was kind of like, ‘They’re going to have to dig into that, because I don’t believe that. There has to be something going on with that.'”

Cox was arrested Tuesday after he was spotted by Kentucky State Police driving north on Interstate 65 through Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

According to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, Cox has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held in the Bullitt County Detention Center in Kentucky.

Anyone with any information about these shooting is asked to call the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office at (336) 634-3232 or Rockingham County Crime Stoppers Hotline (336) 349-9683.