Neighbors describe ducking for safety during shooting in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Neighbors are cleaning up the remnants of shattered glass and repairing their cars after a shooting in a Greensboro neighborhood. 

It was a close call for many as they had to run for their lives or hit the ground just to dodge bullets.

What started as a quiet Sunday morning on the 5800 Block of Sycamore Glen Road, quickly turned into chaos around noon.

“It sounded like fireworks. We hid in front of my car. We both stayed down there. It seemed like forever,” said Allan Henderson, a neighbor who witnessed the shooting.

Many families on the street were outside when the shooting happened.

“My kids were outside, and we just heard loud gun shots.” said Brad Jones, whose vehicle was hit by gunfire.

Jones’ five-year-old son, Xavier, described how he felt during the incident.

“My heart was pounding, and my mom started to cry,” he said.

Multiple rounds were fired, leaving bullet holes in cars, garages and homes.

One of those bullets hit a man who was driving. He was rushed to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

More bullets came within inches of people who live nearby.

“It’s really an awakening. This type of neighborhood, when it happens, it just lets you know it could happen anywhere,” Jones said.

The Jones family was in the process of moving out when the gun fire started.

Xavier, was outside playing with his 19 -year-old sister at the time.

“I wasn’t trying to run forward and look at the person at the same time because I didn’t want to trip,” Xavier said.

The two rushed into the back of their home with their parents and hunkered down on the floor side-by-side.

“The victim, I guess he was trying to get away and actually ran into my trailer which was actually attached to the truck at the time,” Jones said. “That’s where the damage comes (from). As you can see, it took a couple of bullet shots too.”

On Monday, the family was out sweeping up shattered glass and car parts.

Henderson lives down the street from the Jones’s. Bullets pierced through his brand-new car.

“It went into my door…and it missed the seat and went out the other side of the door,” Henderson explained.

He and his neighbor were standing next to his car and fell to the ground as shots were fired.

He says this makes him question whether he wants to live here.

“I might just move out of North Carolina completely. It’s too many shootings around here,” he said.

Police are deeming this an aggravated assault case. Officers with the Greensboro Police Department say they do not release the names of aggravated assault victims.

There is no word on whether the man who was shot and the suspect or suspects knew each other.

When it comes to aggravated assaults in Greensboro for the year, the number is at 1,324, which is up from last year’s 1166 for this same time period.

Of those cases, 861 of them involved firearms being present in the year 2020, which is up from last year’s 799.

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