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GREENSBORO, N.C. – It’s not that hard to miss. It’s covered in red, has eight sides and is at the corner of Cascade and Watagua drives.

However, Officer A.D. Reed says some drivers still fail to see the stop sign and abide by this rule to come to a complete stop.

He’s been out patrolling on Cascade Drive in full force for the past two years thanks to Sheila.

She’s called police over 20 times during that length of time.

“No, I’m not going to stop,” Sheila said.

Her biggest worry is someone getting hurt as a result of a driver not coming to a complete stop at the Watagua and Cascade four-way-stop by a neighborhood park.

“That was my main concern and it’s continued to be a big problem,” Sheila said.

However, it’s also people using this same area as a cut through to avoid traffic that worries Kathy Caviness.

“We know that the traffic is coming through here and they’re not paying attention,” Caviness said.

This is something Will Curtis is used to seeing growing up.

He lives off the corner of Valleymede and Cascade Drive and can’t help but to cringe.

“[The cars] come flying by and you brace because you’re like, that’s kind of too fast,”  Curtis said.

“Last thing I want to do is the fatal or serious injury wrecks,” Reed said.

This is why police installed a speed indicator to prevent these type of tragedies.

A tool to show drivers when their going well above the 25 mph speed limit.

Reed says this is just one out of many solutions police are using to decrease speeding.

Another option is to continue to have a physical presence when drivers are roaring through this neighborhood.