Neighbors concerned over dumping on Tomahawk Drive

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Bottles, branches and even bedroom furniture were piled high on a slab of concrete at the end of Tomahawk Drive Friday morning.

“I don’t know who’s doing it. I thought it was for the apartments, but they have their own containers, so the apartment people wouldn’t need that so it must be for random people,” said Libby Paulesen, a nearby resident.

People living near it said it’s been a dumping site for years.

“Don’t even put ‘no dumping’ because when the people see no dumping I think it makes them want to dump,” Paulesen said.

According to the city’s Code Compliance Department, this address has had three different nuisance cases since 2010.

“I think there should be penalties or video cameras,” Paulesen said. “It’s just been used for a long time.”

Paulesen lives across the street from all the trash and worries about what it does to her entire neighborhood.

“If I was a property owner, I’d be much more concerned about it. It’s unsightly. It’s not sightly of Greensboro,” Paulesen said.

Greensboro city officials had someone survey the area this week after another complaint.

“It’s surprising for Greensboro. I think our city is very proactive and reactive and takes action on most cases and I don’t understand that,” Paulesen said.

A violation notice Greensboro Neighborhood Development officials posted said the area can be a breeding ground for rats, mosquitoes and other bugs and animals.

The property is scheduled for a follow-up inspection Sept. 30th.

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