Neighbor describes shock over 80-year-old man hit, killed by car with frost on windshield in High Point


HIGH POINT, N.C. — It’s something we all deal with on these cold mornings, a thin sheet of ice on our vehicle’s windows.

If we don’t take the time to let the defrosters do their work our vision will be blocked on the roads.

That’s exactly what High Point police said happened to one driver and it ended up taking the life of 80-year-old Ronald Adams on his morning walk.

On Thursday, Adam and his wife, Miriam, were walking down Dover Place when police say they were hit from behind.

Neighbors who live in the area describe Dover Place as quiet, peaceful and tucked away.

“There is always somebody on the street walking. Kids running. It doesn’t matter when I’m leaving this neighborhood, there’s always going to be somebody walking on the street,” Richard Ross said.

Ross didn’t know Ronald and Miriam Adams well, but he saw them walking every morning.

“Every morning they walk like clockwork usually about 7-7:30 in the morning,” Ross said.

Last Thursday, he thought he missed them. He later learned they had been hit by a car.

“It’s really kind of a shock. Everybody pretty much knows everybody who lives in this neighborhood,” Ross said.

High Point police said Dana Needham Dollaeye, 33, of High Point, hit the couple from behind shortly after leaving her house. Police charged Dollaeye with careless and reckless driving,m blaming an iced-over windshield that blocked her view of the road.

“Everybody’s usually pretty cautious around here,” Ross said.

Ross says it was an unfortunate accident for both parties.

“I feel bad for her. And I feel bad for them, their family. That’s brutal,” Ross said.

Miriam Adams suffered bruising and a punctured lung.

The father of the driver charged stopped by the FOX8 studios to say this was an unfortunate mistake and his daughter never meant to hurt anyone. Police say charges in the case could be upgraded since Ronald Adams has now passed away.

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