Near-crash with ATV leads to road rage confrontation in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro family said they experienced road rage and were attacked by an ATV driver Wednesday afternoon.

The couple, Dustin and Sarah Samsel, were heading home when they say a man riding an ATV almost caused a crash causing them to abruptly slam on their brakes to avoid a wreck.

“At the corner of Vanstory and Meadowview, there was an ATV turning left, and he about hit us because the light was red for him and green for us,” said Sarah Samsel.

It happened at the intersection of Meadowview Road and Vanstory Street in Greensboro.

They told FOX’s Danielle Jackson the ATV driver ran a red light when they were driving through the intersection. The couple says they yelled at the ATV driver to get out of the street, a few words were exchanged, and that’s when the ATV driver followed them.

They say he approached their car, damaged their driver’s side rearview mirror, put several dents and scratches on the side of the car and drove off.

“I feel like my life is threatened and so is my family,” said Sarah Samsel.

The couple said they immediately called the police.

They believe the situation could have escalated and were shocked to know someone would do this, especially with their infant in the car.

“They need to be more considerate of people that are out on the roads. If you going to drive them, drive them like you’re driving a car,” said Sarah Samsel.

The couple is hoping the City of Greensboro will enforce stricter rules when it comes to illegal ATV riding in the city limits before someone gets seriously hurt.

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