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Which state has the worst drivers?

New rankings by the website have North Carolina in the top 10.

USA Today reported that the website listed Louisiana in the number one spot and South Carolina and Mississippi followed respectively.

North Carolina tied Missouri for the number seven spot. Others in the top 10 included Texas, Alabama and Florida.

The findings were reportedly collected based on data on fatality rates per 100 million miles traveled, traffic citations, DUI infractions and tickets for speeding and careless driving.

In 2011, a ranking by GMAC Insurance found that the worst drivers in the country were in Washington D.C.

The country’s best drivers are in Fort Collins, Colo., according to insurer Allstate’s ninth annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” released in August.

This year’s rankings of states with the worst drivers:

1. Louisiana

2. South Carolina

3. Mississippi

4. Texas

5. Alabama

6. Florida

7. Missouri (tie)

7. North Carolina (tie)

9. Montana

10. North Dakota

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