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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina prison officials say they were able to make an “interception” when they discovered a football filled with drugs near a fence at a prison last week.

Staffers spotted a football in an odd location at the Morrison Correctional Institution in Hoffman, according to a Sunday news release from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

The football was between the inner and outer fences of the prison.

Crews grabbed it and took the football apart and found tobacco, marijuana and crystal meth inside, the news release said.

Later, investigators were able to tie the drug-stuffed football to an inmate in the prison.

Just 10 days ago, workers at Columbus Correctional Institution in Whiteville found a cache of drugs hidden in the bill of a cap.

The strips in the bill of the cap (bottom right). North Carolina Department of Public Safety

The black knit cap had 151 Suboxone strips hidden in the bill. Photos from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety showed how the strips were sewn into the hat.

Prisons will soon be making changes to “close the pipeline of contraband,” officials said. The mail process will change as of Oct. 18.

Last month, crews at the Columbus Correctional Institution also made a bust after a vehicle “lurked at the fence” of the prison, but soon left.

Later — thrown over the fence — into the prison yard, officials found eight grams of marijuana and four cellphones.

They were packed in plastic wrap and vegetation to hide the contraband in the yard.

Cellphones and pot that were wrapped in grass to blend in with the yard. North Carolina Department of Public Safety