NC parent’s undercover recording device captures teacher’s irate outbursts


[FILE] A file photograph showing textbooks and empty student desks inside an Atlanta, Georgia school.

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A parent trusted her gut and used a recording device in her son’s classroom.

Now, a Cumberland County teacher is under investigation.

I won’t allow [my son] to step a foot back on school property until she is no longer there,” Leona Cain told WNCN.

She says her son Sammy had long been complaining about his “horrible” class at Alderman Road Elementary School, taught by Evelyn Spell.

So she sent a recorder to school with her son.

Here is some of what she heard being yelled on the four-hour recording:

“You want something to happen! But I’m tired! So somebody might just get hurt and I just might go to jail!”

“This is my job! You don’t have to fix it! Leave it there!”

“He likes violence, that’s what it is. Some people get off on that” the teacher on the recording said.

School officials told WNCN the matter is being investigated.

The associate superintendent of Cumberland County Schools wrote in an email:

“When parent complaints are shared with principals or district officials, those complaints are taken very seriously and an investigation will take place. When it is a personnel matter, no information will be shared out with the general population. As a district we do want our parents and community members to understand that these matters are dealt with. We understand the importance of preserving the instructional integrity of the classroom and the learning experience of our students while maintaining the trust of our parents. Any disciplinary action that arises from an investigation will be predicated in our State and district policies.”

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