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CURRITUCK, N.C. — A North Carolina parent wants a high school library to remove a book about teenage girls and their sexual encounters with a “bad boy.”

The Virginian-Pilot reported that Aydlett resident Elissa Cooper wants “A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl” removed from the Currituck County High School library.

Cooper said she plans to go before the Currituck County Board of Education on Monday to make her argument.

She said her daughter brought the book home to read last February. The book is not required reading for students.

Cooper described the book as “pornographic” and said she wants to make the public more aware of its content.

Cooper complained, but a high school review committee decided in June to keep the book. She appealed, but a district wide committee also agreed to keep the book in July.

The book was written by Tanya Lee Stone and published in 2006. It is written in poetic form about three high school girls who date a senior boy with a bad reputation.

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