NC man gets revenge on porch pirate with spicy warning

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- One man is fighting back against porch pirates his own way, leaving them with a nasty surprise.

His South End neighborhood has had an issue with packages going missing, but if the thief opens up one of the packages set up a decoy, they’re in for a surprise.

David Seaman has been the target of more than he would like. In fact, in the last week or so, he says he’s been hit three separate times.

“It’s crazy, he thought my porch was a store and he could come and grab whatever he wanted and head on out.  He just kept doing it over and over again,” Seaman said.

The first two times were legit: A birthday present stolen one day and a package stolen another. But the third time, Seaman decided to do something different.

“My idea was get an empty box, fill it with paper and put a note inside and with some hot chili pepper all over it,” Seaman said.

Sure enough, the decoy box was picked up on Wednesday afternoon and it appears it’s by the same person in the other two videos.

“Same guy, same car, all of that. There was the same guy that hit another house another day.”

Seaman says he put that decoy out in hopes that the thief will stay away.

“[It] had a note saying ‘we’re watching you, we know who you are, we have you on camera, don’t come back.’”

And he’s ready with another one, just in case.

“Hopefully, he opened it and won’t come back because he knows we’re on to him.”

No word on whether any arrests have been made in the cases we told you about, but if you recognize the person in the video, or if you think you have been a victim, call CMPD.

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