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RICHLANDS, N.C. — A North Carolina man was arrested after police in Florida say he yelled anti-gay slurs and threats at a couple last month.

Around 1 a.m. on Feb. 23, Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price were riding bicycles in Key West when 30-year-old Brandon Ray Davis rode by them on a rented scooter, WNCT reports. While riding, Davis yelled anti-gay slurs, said he bet they voted for Hillary Clinton and told them, “You live in Trump country now.”

Police say Davis was drunk.

When Seymour threatened to call 911, the man supposedly told him, “If you do that, I’ll cut you up.”

At one point, Davis’ scooter hit the back tire of Seymour’s bike, knocking him to the ground.

Working with the scooter rental agency, officials were able to obtain a copy of Davis’ driver’s license and eventually track him down.

Davis was arrested by deputies on an extraditable warrant for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon with evidence of prejudice Thursday morning, the station reports. He is expected to be returned to Florida.