NC lawmakers file bill to ban solicitors from using fake phone numbers

Gavel (Getty Images)

Gavel (Getty Images)

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Some North Carolina lawmakers want to make it illegal for telephone solicitors to call you with fake phone numbers.

House Bill 724 — or the Truth in Caller ID Act — was filed April 11, and while it would be a small text change to North Carolina law, its already garnered a lot of support.

The law would ban telephone solicitors from misrepresenting themselves or use misleading information with regard to caller identification technology.

This means, if you got a call from a North Carolina solicitor, your caller ID would need to show the solicitor’s true phone number and not a fake one.

Sometimes solicitors use area codes from different cities, often cities close to the person they are calling, even if they’re actually calling from hundreds of miles away. This would put an end to that practice in North Carolina.

The bill is primarily sponsored by N.C. House Reps. Tim Moore, Jason Saine, Phil Shepard and Chris Humphrey, all Republicans, but already has the support of more than 40 other representatives on both sides of the aisle.

The Davidson County Board of Commissioners already unanimously passed a resolution in support of this bill, according to Tuesday’s meeting minutes.

Davidson County Commissioner Zak Crotts told FOX8 he gets repeated calls from people trying to lend him money or requesting payment for loans he never took out, sometimes as many as five calls in a day.

The commissioner said this bill could help prevent scammers from taking advantage of the elderly and the illiterate, and he urges Congress to take up a federal version of this bill.

This bill, if made into law, would go into effect Dec. 1.

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