NC House seeks gun rights amendment bill one day after mass shooting in Orlando nightclub


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A day after Omar Mateen entered a gay nightclub in Orlando and murdered 49 people, the North Carolina House has introduced a gun rights amendment bill, Qnotes reports.

HB 1148 has been added to the June 13 house calendar, with Republican Representatives Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale, Mark Brody and Jeff Collins listed as primary sponsors. Republican Representatives Bert Jones and George G. Cleveland are also listed.

The bill which is yet to be titled is described as, “An act to amend the North Carolina constitution to protect a person’s right to carry a concealed weapon.”

The amendment would be put to a vote by North Carolina voters in the upcoming general election in November.

The language on the ballot would appear as follows:

“A constitutional amendment, to become effective December 1, 2016, to repeal the provision which provides that the General Assembly may prohibit the practice of carrying concealed weapons.”

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