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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Republican Senator Jeff Tarte from Mecklenburg County proposed Senate Bill 393 Tuesday that would ban the use of mobile devices while driving.

The bill is called the Brian Garlock Act, named after a teen who was killed when he became distracted from his cell phone.

The proposed bill would still allow hands-free voice texting or bluetooth use. Fines would cost about $100 along with court costs.

Trooper Knox with Highway Patrol said that the bill would not only make it easier for authorities to crack down on distracted drivers but could save lives.

“The law says you cannot text and also email and that’s really it and we all know that they’re are thousands of things that you can do on your phone and of all these thousands of things they’re all distractions,” Knox said.

The National Safety Council reports one in four car crashes are related to cell phone use.