Mysterious golf balls appearing in Guilford County man’s yard linked to practicing 12-year-old golf ‘prodigy’ with an impressive drive


GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A golf ball mystery. For a couple of days, a Greensboro man wondered why golf balls were piling up in his yard.

There are no golf courses nearby, so where could they be coming from?

“There were some all over the road, there were some on the lawn, and on the hill,” Justin Emma said.

He found golf ball after golf ball while mowing his lawn.

“It was just an Easter egg hunt, they were just everywhere,” Emma said.

They kept landing in his yard off Fairhaven Road, near Burton-Farm Road.

“We found 41,” he said.

He collected a pile of balls in one day.

“You don’t want to go house to house to house, being like, are these your golf balls, you’re going to look like a crazy person,” laughed Emma.

Little did he know, a 12-year-old golfer, Matthew Wilson, was working on his swing.

Wilson has been practicing at his grandparents’ home on the other side of the woods next to Emma’s house.

“They had no idea he could hit them so far. They were really shocked that [the balls] were all the way over here,” he said. “That’s the next Tiger Woods. He’s a prodigy.”

Now that Emma knows where the balls are coming from, he’s been returning every one he finds, with an invitation for Wilson to practice his drive on Emma’s yard.

Wilson’s mom told FOX8 she got him a bag of 600 golf balls recently, and he went through them all in two days.

She’s now starting to take Wilson to the driving range.

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