‘Murder in Pilot Mountain’ – episode 5 – Family of man accused of raping, killing Ronda Blaylock talks about his past


To most, Robert James Adkins is known as the man accused of raping and killing Ronda Blaylock. But to his family, he’s known simply as James.

In episode five of “Murder in Pilot Mountain: A 40-year Mystery,” FOX8 introduces you to some of Adkins’ first cousins. There, they detail his violent upbringing, substance abuse and the last times they saw him.

FOX8 spoke with Adkins’ lawyer, who says it would be inappropriate to discuss the case because it’s ongoing. Adkins’ next court date is currently set for May 4, 2020, but his lawyer was unable to advise what – if anything – will happen that day.

This is part of our series on the killing of Ronda Blaylock. 

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