‘Murder in Pilot Mountain’ – episode 2 – A closer look into the life of teen victim Ronda Blaylock


PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. — In part two of “Murder in Pilot Mountain: A 40-year-mystery,” FOX8 takes a closer look into the life of Ronda Blaylock.

Friends and family say Ronda grew up a sheltered, somewhat spoiled only child. Still, her mother made her clothing and her hand-me-down’s went to Ronda’s first cousin. A member of the Girl Scouts, who spent most of her childhood at a private Christian school, it wasn’t until Ronda was nearing her first day at Atkins High School that she was exposed to a new group of friends.

Ronda’s natural desire for independence as a young teenager led her to trying new things and venturing into town after school. On Aug. 26, 1980, Ronda was with a friend near a bowling alley when witnesses say the pair got into a blue truck with a man who appeared to be a few years older than them.

It was believed to be the last sighting of Ronda before her death.

The task of finding out who was responsible for how she was found soon fell on people from 12 different agencies and organizations.

This is part of our series on the killing of Ronda Blaylock. 

Episode 1 – New details emerge in the 1980 killing of 14-year-old Ronda Blaylock

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