‘Murder in Pilot Mountain’ – episode 1 – New details emerge in the 1980 killing of 14-year-old Ronda Blaylock


PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. — In August 1980, a brutal crime crippled the sense of security children and parents had enjoyed in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Ronda Blaylock, 14, who had been murdered in a heinous and unforeseen matter, would become the center of a decades-long mystery.

It wasn’t until 35 years after her death that a new group of seasoned investigators – some on the brink of or coming out of retirement – would restart the investigation, leading to an arrest.

In the first installment of Murder in Pilot Mountain: The 40-year-mystery, FOX8 reveals all-new interviews, including with Ronda’s family and some of the investigators tasked with catching her killer.

New details highlight what happened in the hours and days after her disappearance, as well as the immediate impact on her family and friends.

This is part of our series on the killing of Ronda Blaylock. 

Episode 2 – A closer look into the life of teen victim Ronda Blaylock

Episode 3 – A closer look at the investigation into the killing of Ronda Blaylock

Episode 4 – Family reacts to arrest in killing of Ronda Blaylock

Episode 5 – Family of man accused of raping, killing Ronda Blaylock talks about his past

Episode 6 – The secluded area where Ronda Blaylock’s body was found

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