GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — What did you get for Halloween? Some Kit Kats? Maybe some Nerds? A toothbrush?!? Really?

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Two children and their families got the surprise of their lifetimes when MrBeast gifted them more than Halloween candy. In one Instagram video posted earlier this week, a child was presented with keys to a new vehicle. In another video posted Sunday, a trick-or-treater was gifted keys to a new home.

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By the way, it’s a pretty good hunch (but not confirmed) that the two giveaways happened in Greenville or elsewhere in Pitt County. We’re still working to find that out.

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The first video was posted on Nov. 3 on Instagram. It shows a child dressed in a Mario Brothers outfit with his dad, who also has a stroller with a baby. MrBeast greets the child and then gives him the keys to a new vehicle.

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The child takes them and starts to walk away like it’s no big deal. Meanwhile, his dad stands there stunned.

“What?” the dad says.

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Mom comes into the picture with another child. They all check out the vehicle, still surprised at what was happening.

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The second video shows MrBeast at another home when a different child comes trick-or-treating, dressed as a cow. MrBeast gives him the keys to that house and says it’s theirs.

It’s hard to tell who was more stunned at what just happened, the child or his parents. They each acknowledge they’ve seen MrBeast videos (he said it would be weird if they had not). The child gives MrBeast a hug and then accepts the invitation to come inside to see their new home.

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After a tour, which includes a new laptop and lots of other amenities, the father gives MrBeast a big hug and then does the same to his family, saying “My dream came true.”

Try not to tear up when watching both. It’s hard not to do so.

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