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CLAYSVILLE, Pa. — A Pennsylvania mother has filed a lawsuit claiming that the teachers at her child’s elementary school are bullies.

WTAE reported that Beth Suhon claims her daughter’s math teacher called her and left a voicemail – but forgot to hang up.

The mother said the teacher can be heard in the voicemail talking about the student for several minutes with other teachers.

At one point, a teacher suggests that the girl has “no strengths” and another teacher said, “she could be a good coal miner.”

The mother is now suing McGuffey School District. The lawsuit was filed last week by Noah Geary, an attorney, representing the mother.

Suhon said her daughter has Turner’s Syndrome and deals with severe anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

“The mockery, laughter and derision voiced by the three educators in the voicemail recording is unconscionable,” Suhon said.

The school district has not commented on the lawsuit.