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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A mother spoke exclusively to FOX8 Wednesday after her children were seen smoking what appeared to be marijuana in a video posted to Facebook.

The mother, who did not want her name used because she says she is getting death threats, says the children were being taken care of by family friends Michaela Pearson and Candice Little.

“I trusted them,” she said.

Pearson, 21, and Little, 18, both of Winston-Salem, are each charged with felony child abuse and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Officers received numerous reports of a Facebook video showing multiple young children being given what appeared to be an illegal substance by two women.

The children are 2 years old, 3 years old and 18 months old, according to arrest warrants.

Officials believe Pearson and Little caused and encouraged the children to smoke marijuana. Following an investigation, they were arrested at 2115 Peters Creek Parkway.

The children were taken to a local hospital, were treated and are now back home with their mother.

The mother told FOX8 she is extremely upset and that she loves her kids very much.

Pearson and Little are being held on $150,000 secured bonds.